20th October 2019


BBC Archive is a simply yet effective idea. By designing a platform that allows individuals, institution and the general public alike to explore and share their cultural, social and individual needs through the ever growing
resources on BBC Archive now and in the future.

The ethos of the BBC has always been to ‘inform, educate and entertain’ which is still in place today and has been fundamental since the company’s establishment. Upon delving into this concept I wanted to highlight the range of “products/services” available, but also show a simple, stimulating refined artistic display of wonderful historical British broadcasting history. When creating the site/application I, like the company
wanted to address the stigma associated with historical contents and make it “less academic”. By allowing user to customise their experiences, from interactive material such as games and quizzes along so with integrated clips, recordings, and pictures to create your personalised trip down memory lane.

Information inputted through any of the BBC sites along so with any interest of usable information gathered via social networking sites, and other sites used by the users through cloud technology will continue to enhance user experience for many years to come. This concept could also be applied to online/offline mode as a software application downloadable to many cross platforms such as smart media devices, web, information kiosks, mobiles, gaming systems, digital television receivers etc.

In online mode you can utilise the software by adding downloadable contents and editing preferences and accessing fully interactive mode e.g. Games, blogs chat etc. In offline mode user can replay clips and contents already downloaded and add personal notes and connections between the resources.

A key feature of this idea I wanted to highlight is its ease of usability; allowing the younger and the older generation to easily take advantage the contents available from all aspects of the BBC service at home and on the move. Because of
this principle the most popular features of the BBC websites will open within the software application in offline mode and in online mode will be integrated within the page.

Taking into consideration many changes observed in user behavior, along with findings from user research, I have developed a better template to suit people's evolving needs. It is also a more flexible template which will allow the BBC to implement evolving technological features in the near future much more easily than in the past. By integrating this a standalone site and a software application small update and changes can be made without disturbing the overall structure

Key Features:

* Colour co-ordinated navigation; Collections/Print-Grey, Radio-Brown and TV in Black
(inline with BBC Branding e.g. player)
* Personalised display including features such as My Time-line, Blogs and Games
* Easy access to messages and online chat forums and discussions

Key Features:

* This archive can also serve as a content finder
until the site is fully updated with the existing
content awaiting digitisation
* No need to redirect the page to another
BBC hyper link. unless you would like to
know more about that information and prefer
it displayed in a new window.
* Easy and quick navigation
* Easily accessible search engines.
* Personal user experience/environment via BBC
Archive account with use of added software application
adapting the site to be used cross platforms